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The Institut Municipal d'Hisenda (Municipal Tax Office), was created by the Barcelona Full City Council Meeting on 27 April 1990 and named the "Institut Municipal de Recaptació de Barcelona". On 14 October 2005, the Full City Council approved the change in name and amendments to its articles of association. Notice published in the Official Province Gazette of 15 November 2005; Correction of errata published in the Official Province Gazette of 13 December 2005.

The Institute, is an autonomous local body, with its own public legal status and independent assets. The City Council provides it with the funds it needs to carry out its activities.

The aim behind the Institute is to manage, collect and inspect taxes, public-sector charges, fines and other public revenue received by the City Council, its independent bodies and other public bodies, where it is so requesed.

Municipal Tax Office's Articles of Association, correction of errata (documents in Catalan)

Municipal Tax Office's Organisation Chart (document in Catalan)

See our pledge to taxpayers (PDF) (document in Catalan)

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