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foto del gerenteWe stand at a historic crossroads between two major trends: the growth of urbanisation and the rapid development of information technology. Cities such as Barcelona are facing a pressing need to create new urban-innovation strategies to drive the development of the new economy while also bringing great social benefits.

It is in this new environment that we are going well beyond the concept of smart city and putting technology at the centre of the urban model, with the aim of increasing access to public services, creating open systems and programmes and achieving more democratic and sustainable participatory channels. All these proposals have to be met with the public, as the main players and beneficiaries of this new Digital City Plan.

Consult the Barcelona Digital Plan

Francesca Bria
Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer of IMI


foto del gerenteBarcelona is an open, cosmopolitan, vibrant and constantly changing city. That is why we understand that technology has to be constantly adapted to society and the times we live in and that it has to be at the service of the people and citizen participation. The Municipal Institute for Information Technology is playing a key role here and ensuring that technology brings about the efficient management of the city's resources and services, by improving people’s quality of life and well-being.

IMI is made up of over 220 workers working hard and enthusiastically to implement ICT projects in the city. We encourage you to find out about them! Welcome to the Municipal Institute of Information Technology (IMI).

Discover Barcelona City Council’s internal technological transformation plan (PTD)

Paco Rodriguez
Chief Information Officer of IMI

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