New resources for developers in the Open Data BCN portal.

The Open Data Barcelona portal, introduced since 2011 and now included in Barcelona Ciutat Digital, presents today its new section: Reusers.

This portal evolves and foments a diverse digital economy by developing a new model of urban innovation based on digital transformation and innovation with a clear public and civic leadership.

This new section contains two subsections: the first one’s – Developers – aim is to facilitate this collective’s task when using data, providing information through some user guides to help in the access to APIs. The second subsection – Data Visualizations and Applications – includes the former section of Data Visualizations where the visualizations shared with Open Data Bcn, either by the citizens or by the company, were already displayed. From the month of July on, the applications created through data published in this portal will be made more visible.

Taking advantage of the creation of this new section, Open Data Bcn has updated the portal features dividing them into functional and technical: A clear guide about what can we find inside this section providing more complete information.

The public information of great potential value included in this portal can be relating to any topic of any kind: pictographic documents, statistical data, analysis results, information about public services, etc. Companies, researchers, other public institutions or the citizens can use this information resource with any purpose, maximizing this way the social and economic possibilities offered by this project: fomentation of the management transparency, improvement of the services to citizens, production of business activities and social impact searching for the governance efficiency.

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