Senior officials from Europe have been met during the annual Forum Leadership and Governance in a Multilevel Europe: Empowering the Public Sector

Barcelona city is a benchmark local informatic services in many European countries.

The annual Forum of Leadership and Governance in a Multilevel Europe: Empowering the Public Sector,  is organized for EIPA school (European Institute of Public Administration) takes place in Barcelona during this week.

Senior officials of Ministry of Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, representatives of IMI and school EIPA met the last Tuesday to discuss how to lead from the public sector the digital transformation and public innovation of the Barcelona City. How the city council, through IMI (Institut Municipal de Barcelona) has to become a referent to municipal informatics services regarding into a modern, agile organization with a new service culture.

This Annual Forum is a rigorous, innovative programme designed to provide a portfolio of knowledge, skills and individual awareness that will help to become a more effective leader. The main objective of the programme is the integral development of the knowledge and skills of the participating managers in order to allow for a substantial improvement in the process of detecting the key challenges for their own administration. The Forum is a multisector and multifunctional programme where international participants benefit from ideas and experiences and ideas from other administrations in Europe.


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