The NeMo cross-border electromobility roaming test comes to an end

The NeMo Open European Inter-Roaming protocol, in which various charge point platforms and operators have been used, has shown that long distance travel with electric vehicles is possible.

10 May saw the start, in Barcelona, of the European route through nine countries and over 5,000 km in an electric car to showcase the Inter-Roaming protocol developed by the NeMo project. The route included the following countries: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Italy. In addition, five industry events publicising the initiative of the project were atended.

The use of electric vehicles is on the rise, despite the fact that planning a long trip is no simple matter: different charging stations belong to different networks and use different access and payment methods.

Interoperability continues to pose a problem, as it makes long-distance travel difficult for users. This is why, with the goal of improving the electromobility experience, the NeMo project has developed a large network of tools and services in a distributed environment with open source architecture based on standard interfaces.

At the consortium we have had the chance to discover and implement the OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) protocol in the city of Barcelona. The interface provides access to any recharging point. This is a very widely used and recognised electromobility standard around Europe. It is based on open-source technology, in line with the transparency and open-source policy set out in the Government Measure on Open Digitalisation, within Barcelona City Council’s Digital Plan.

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