Launching of the Second Stage of Barcelona City Council’s Tax Office Systems Renovation Plan (PSH)

Reference framework

The Municipal Tax Office (IMH), working alongside the Municipal Institute of Information Technology (IMI), has started the second stage of the Tax Office Systems Renovation Plan. The aim behind this project is to provide management staff with new tools, improve interoperability with other authorities and make it easier to interact with the public and the City Council's other bodies.
The first stage was implemented between 2012 and 2014 and is currently finished and at the maintenance stage. The scope of this first PSH stage included the following processes:
Managing vehicle-tax databases; Managing the census; vehicle tax (IVTM) self-assessments and payments and Managing the collection of all taxes, fines and other public-law revenue.


This second stage will last for three years and is scheduled to be carried out from mid-2016 to 2018. The second stage will involve renovating the SAP TRM platform, managing the other Taxes (Economy Activity Tax (IAE), Waste Collection Tax, Land Registry and Landed Property Tax (IBI) and Capital Gains Tax), Fines, Confiscations and Tax Resources and Tax Breaks.

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