Capacity Building

We're working on a programme for training trainers in Information and Communication Technologies (ITCs) and promoting citizen participation processes.

This section of our work offers training-course content aimed at encouraging informed, empowered citizen participation in decision-making through Decidim, while also guaranteeing privacy and safety. It is available for anyone interested in learning how to use ICTs for better citizen participation. This experimental course content was created from direct experience in four prototype workshops held in October 2016 with representatives of different public sectors: civil society, workers in socio-cultural facilities, young people on vocational training courses and retired elderly people. As a result we have produced an impact study on participants' interest in these training courses.

The Capacity Building course, with workshops and activities around technology-mediated political participation, digital security and privacy, are available for downloading through our GitHub repository. The repository features guides and reference documents. The guides deal with privacy and security in the data society, political participation aided by technology, technology for collective action, alternatives to commercial services and how to improve mobile phone security. The reference documents provide information for facilitators and capacity building officers on resistance strategies and mobile phones, and on how to make information available.