Collaborative consumption: opportunities and advantages of shared consumption

On 20 November 2013 were presented at La Fàbrica del Sol several examples of collaborative consumption that operate in our hand Albert Cañigueral, founder of the portal

The collaborative consumption can be defined as the traditional way of share exchange, let, rent, exchanged gifts and redefined through modern technology and communities.

Many projects of collaborative consumption today are responding to the specific needs of people while reestablish relationships of trust between individuals and respect for the environment. Initiatives are sharing knowledge and clothes, car rental or room, sharing dishes and desserts ... col·labortiu consumption are gaining strength as a way to gain time and save money at the same time offers value to your skill.

In The Sun Factory presented the following initiatives:

social Car

It is the first rental car from person to person (P2P) in Spain. Allows owners, rent their vehicles when they are using them and remain parked. Sharing a new way to save money and keep it factories.


It is a unique marketplace where activities and quality created by local experts so travelers can discover and enjoy the most authentic of all corners of Spain.


It is an international reliable food-lovers that connects people around the world through a home-cooked meal. It allows travelers come into contact with people here, share stories and enjoy an authentic dining experience.

Time Bank

They are places where people from the same neighborhood or town exchange services free. The aim is that people know and trust each other to solve the needs of daily life. At the same time it promotes solidarity, cooperation and social relationships. Specifically, presented the experiences of Grace Time Bank and Banco del Tiempo - preparate.

The activity formed part of the European Week for Waste Reduction and, along with other activities organized equipment, we hope to have contributed to make our tools more responsible consumption, critical and transformative.