Consumerist or consumers?

Reflection on our role as consumers

Tools to make responsible consumption

Juanjo Cáceres made an approach to consumerism desculpabilizar consumer and reflecting on the role of brand advertising in our decision making.

Companies devote many resources to the communication strategy of its products and as consumers we can find very helpless against the multiplicity of options and the enormous publicity around us.

As consumers, to combat this subtle manipulation, we can be active in using, ie we can stop using on impulse purchases and plan well inform the widest possible about the characteristics of the product. Take a good buying decision is based on the information available to the product or service: as better informed, more carefully can make the purchase.

A responsible consumer also seeks to have information on the companies that sell the product you want to buy, and therefore reported and their social and environmental contrasts to decide between different products practices. It also analyzes the real need to have.

Thus, one of the main conclusions of Caceres Juanjo talk was to be emotionally distancing brands, expand purchasing criteria and above all use the best weapon consumer: the NO buy, if I do not need.