Sea Dance

In this activity jointly organized with the Centre de la Platja and by the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM) and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) we have danced to the rhythm of the organisms that make marine ecosystems.

Have organized two sessions, both the familiar as aimed at adults they have begun with an explanation of the researcher at the Institute of Marine Sciences on the meaning that has the virtual game. The goal is to explain and disseminate a playful way how the marine ecosystem works.

Biodiversity is the main topic: What is biodiversity? It is a collection of animals and plants? Actually, the most important of biodiversity is the network of relationships established between all the species that make up the ecosystem. The crux of the ecosystem is the role of every living being in the food chain and the relationships established with other species. Another key concept is that of balance, if one species disappears, the food web is unbalanced.

As for the marine ecosystem, trophic relationships are not so well known, there are many undiscovered yet. It is a more inaccessible, but of enormous biological complexity system. Imbalance situations in the sea, can be caused by an extra input of nutrients from a landfill, for example.

The food web is presented through interactive game is made up of microorganisms that live in the sea: copepods, ciliates, algae, flagellates and bacteria. These microscopic creatures are responsible for 50% of the supply of oxygen to the atmosphere, thus maintaining the balance of this ecosystem is vital for the survival of life on the planet.

The game raises the participant what external elements that can unbalance the ecosystem at the same time, aroused curiosity about these difficult microscopic beings are known for their size. Starting the game, these living beings become perceptible to those who try the game.

The implementation of the game lets you play with the abundance of each of the components of marine microbial food web to try to balance the ecosystem. It is select the type of organism that increasing population is required, because it is the food of another organism, and once elected, have to move for the camera located below the projected screen detects the movement and multiply the population body concerned. It's a good way to explain the operation of the food web through an interactive game through movement allows you to win.