Urban Acupuncture Initiatives

Urban acupuncture considers cities as living organisms on which they intervene in a timely manner to alleviate the dysfunctions. During cycle routes we have been discovering many local initiatives to improve life in the districts of Barcelona, ​​from different points of view: micro interventions in public space, urban gardens, projects promoting social and collaborative economy, mobility sustainable ... they are different areas that can be treated separately, but actually interrelate to ensure the proper functioning of the urban system. Moreover, we have seen that these initiatives respond to the city thanks to collective intelligence and networking is built.

This cycle has included 4 tours to learn about the terrain these initiatives that improve life in the neighborhoods of Barcelona and a final discussion session in La Fàbrica del Sol. The four routes have been mapped and have been recorded as itineraries in Map Barcelona + Sustainable. The tours we did were as follows:

- Poblenou, productive city

Of its industrial past in current smart city projects, through the many neighborhood initiatives, the Poblenou district is the neighborhood of contrasts. It is a neighborhood where different scales of interventions are compared, from the global to the local, which will allow us to discover the materialization of projects intelligent, efficient and sustainable city and its confrontation with the interventions of small steps and reflect on the impact of each on the life of the neighborhood.

- Weaving connections between Poble-Sec and Montjuïc

It is said that the neighborhood of Poble-Sec has always given back to the mountain of Montjuïc and has looked Avenue Parallel, but investigating further her story in detail, we realize that the relationship with the mountain, much that is complicated, it has been very rich throughout history, have been described itineraries and recreation areas, there have been meetings ... and remains with initiatives such as urban gardens or neighborhood bus. Poble Sec also enjoys a rich social life and wants to become a cooperative neighborhood, where flourish new trade initiatives such as fair trade, green trade, time banks and exchange markets.

- Urban Resilience in the neighborhoods of Coll and Vallcarca

Coll neighborhoods and Vallcarca are two neighborhoods Gracia district characterized by its proximity to the three hills of Barcelona Rovira Hill, Carmel Hill and the hill Coll. Vallcarca neighborhood is affected by a development plan from 2002 that has generated significant degradation of the urban and social fabric of the neighborhood. In this context, residents and neighbors are organized to carry out various projects aimed at improving life in the neighborhood and to face its destruction. Thus, for example, have carried forward the construction of urban furniture, urban gardens establishing a cooperative housing project, among many others.

- Sustainability near Roquetes and Trinitat Nova

How we build a more sustainable city through interventions to improve the suburbs of the city? In the neighborhoods of Roquetes and Trinitat Nova challenges of urban sustainability neighborhood make claims regarding the Natural Park of Collserola, urban gardens, energy efficiency of buildings and public spaces for local use ... The experiences of neighborhoods of Roquetes and Trinitat Nova are very relevant, and characterized by a large community involvement.

With Hands On! close the cycle with a very rich debate, you can see a summary in the video attached.