Alberto García-Alix. Self-portrait

07.02.2013 - 05.05.2013

La Virreina Image Centre is putting on the first major exhibition dedicated entirely to Alberto García-Alix in Barcelona. García-Alix (León, Spain, 1956) is one of the leading figures in contemporary international photography.

Alberto García-Alix’s photographic, audiovisual and written work opens up an emotional, self-referential dimension that turns all his output, seen as a whole, into one great enlarged self-portrait.

Curated by Nicolás Combarro, this exhibition aims to help us understand a key part of his oeuvre, noted for its autobiographical character and the author’s constant striving to look at himself and find himself through the exercise of photography.

The exhibition brings together some seventy works, including both photographs and videos, that reveal how his take on the concept on the self-portrait has evolved over the course of his career, which spans more than thirty years. The path it traces follows the vision and life of someone who looks at himself and at us through his work, beckoning us onwards into his own unique universe.

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CURATOR: Nicolás Combarro

OPENING: Wednesday 6 February, 7.30 pm.

  • A moment of eternal silence, 2010
  • Self-portrait. My feminine side, 2002
  • Self-portrait with moccasins, 1988
  • Self-portrait with injured hand, 1983
  • Self-portrait behind the mask, 2001
  • Self-portrait in Toulouse, 1978