The Barcelona Institute of Municipal Markets (IMMB) questions in the Municipal Omnibus Survey of March 2010 look at aspects such as how often people shop in the municipal markets and how they rate them.

This looks at commerce according to the answers given to questions on shopping habits, the transport people use to go shopping, shopping at and opinions of shopping centres and online shopping.

This is an annual survey of 6,000 Barcelona residents, men and women, to find out their opinion on the city and how it is run. It helps provide a triple analysis: developmental, territorial (neighbourhood and district level) and comparative (Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain).

Aimed at finding out the levels of confidence, perception and expectations and the evolution of opinion of local residents and establishments on the Sant Antoni Market over the period 2008-2012 and throughout the first year that the new market is in operation. This is carried out every half year.

Annual survey conducted with 6,000 Barcelona residents to find out their opinion on the city and municipal management. It provides for a threefold analysis: evolutionary, territorial - at a district and neighbourhood level - and comparative - of Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain.

Analyses commerce based on the responses given by those interviewed on matters such as shopping habits, transport used to go shopping, shopping and evaluation of shopping areas and shopping on the internet.

Conducted with the specific aim of finding out the volume of economic activity and of analysing expenditure in municipal markets, it puts the markets' turnover at between 950 million and 1.1 billion.