Educational programs eat healthy, eat market

Is an initiative of IMMB and the FC Barcelona Foundation. It is an educational activity that invites schools to computer and transmit values to children and young people to buy healthy, fresh and quality market and discovering what characterizes and differentiates it from other forms of trade.

The purpose of the program is to convey the value of the market as space and quality service and health, local and social relations and the importance of maintaining a balanced diet with seasonal, fresh and close.

The activity has a dual purpose: first, to facilitate a dynamic education that allows students to have direct experience. On the other hand, encouraged all participants to share their experiences through the preparation of a report or photographs published in the media of the school or the gallery on this site.
Moreover, the market can work a wide range of content. Not all are considered in this project, but we encourage you to take your chances and make it grow as much as they deem necessary.

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