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The initial documentary collection of the center comprises more than 20,000 books published between the sixteenth century and the present. Around 2,000 predate 1950. Its origins are ancient museum libraries of Decorative Arts, the Museum of Ceramics, Textiles and Clothing Museum and the Cabinet of Graphic Arts in Barcelona. Other institutions that have integrated their libraries are BCD (Barcelona Design Centre), ADG-FAD (Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers of the FAD), the Association for the Study of the furniture, the Association of Advertising and Public Relations of Catalonia and the area of ​​Urban Habitat of the City of Barcelona.

In these origins must be added many donations received throughout these years by professionals, individuals, institutions and companies.

A fact that reveals the uniqueness of this documentary collection and the value it brings to the research community is that 37% of the previous books in the twentieth century were not located in any other heritage library of our territory. Neither in Catalonia nor in the rest of the state. Much of this uniqueness comes from the legacy of excellent books of clothing from the Countess of Vilardaga (1967) and the donation of Mr. Manuel Rocamora.

The most part of the contemporary documentary collection is located in the reading room and is freely accessible. To organize it, the Documentation Centre has developed its own classification system: The IMAG.

The most valuable and ancient documents are situated in a reservoir located within the same building of the Museum of Design. The Documentation Center uses RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) to know exactly how many queries it receives each document. With this information, reference documents are always located in the consulting room, easily available.

The documentary collection is available through the library catalog of the Documentation Centre, and through the following catalogs:

New books

  • You say you want a revolution? : records and rebels 1966-1970
  • Hello, robot : design between human and machine
  • Los poderes del diseño : la construcción de imágenes y marcas entre culturas, políticas y negocios : teoría, metodología y práctica
  • Vinyl, album, cover, art : the complete Hipgnosis catalogue
  • Spaces for innovation : the design and science of inspiring environments
  • Zero waste fashion design
  • Refashioning and redress : conserving and displaying dress
  • Are we human? : notes on an archaelogy of design
  • Trastos, arte y diseño : media vida en Barcelona
  • Empire of things : how we became a world of consumers, from the fifteenth century to the twenty-first
  • The music library
  • David Bowie : the golden years
  • The rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973
  • Hero : David Bowie
  • Shock and awe : glam rock and its legacy, from the seventies to the twenty-first Century
  • Global glam and popular music : style and spectacle from the 1970s to the 2000s
  • Shibori : el arte japonés para teñir tus prendas de vestir y ropa de casa de forma artesanal y con diseño actual
  • Patronaje y confección de calzado
  • Menos es suficiente
  • Habitar
  • Engañosas transparencias : observaciones y reflexiones suscitadas por una visita a la casa Farnsworth
  • Breve historia de la moda : desde la Edad Media hasta la actualidad
  • Persuasión : 33 técnicas publicitarias de influencia psicológica
  • ¿Quieres publicar una revista? : autoedición, diseño, creación y distribución de publicaciones independientes
  • La impresión 3D : guía definitiva para makers, diseñadores, estudiantes, profesionales, artistas y manitas en general
  • Teorías e historia de la ciudad contemporánea
  • Pattern magic 3 : la magia del patronaje
  • Motion graphics design : la dirección creativa en branding de TV
  • Marketing de moda
  • Sr. Tipo : una novela tipográfica
  • Diseño y comunicación visual : contribución a una metodología didáctica
  • The world of Charles and Ray Eames
  • Helmut Newton. Polaroids
  • Design research now: essays and selected projects
  • What makes a great exhibition?
  • Design objects and the museum

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