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Distinction. A century of fashion photography


Col·lecció del Museu del Disseny de Barcelona / Barcelona Design Museum Collection

The starting point for this exhibition is the Museu del Disseny (Design Museum) fashion photography collection, which comprises a total of 464 images of different sizes produced by 38 photographers from 1903 to 2013.

Fashion photography was the main means used to promote fashion in the twentieth century, and can be regarded as just another element in the fashion system. These images are generally commissioned for publication in fashion magazines or for use in media campaigns by fashion brands, designers and companies.

The show will comprise seven sections or areas, each featuring a selection of photographs to illustrate the evolution and changing ways of understanding fashion photography. Distinction will include images by 38 photographers whose works are represented in the collection.

This exhibition is accessible for people with disabilities


Juan Naranjo

Exhibition fields

  • 1. Photography and Fashion before the Advent of Fashion Photography

    Pere Casas Abarca was one of the few Modernista creative figures who experimented with photography in the field of advertising.

  • New Vision

    The consolidation of haute couture in the 1930s coincided with the renewal of the visual language employed by magazines such as D'Ací i D'Allà, Tricornio, Las

  • Interiors and Exteriors

    The pages of Alta Costura (Barcelona 1943-1969), the first major fashion publication that showcased fashion photography in Spain,

  • Movements

    In the 1960s, a series of artistic, countercultural and urban subgroups emerged, among them Pop art, the Mods and hippies, movements that were organised by

  • Stagings and Fantasies

    Photography is traditionally regarded as one of the most realistic artistic genres due to its automatism, ability to suggest and its naturalism.

  • Identity and Difference

    Portraiture is one of the photographic practices most in evidence in fashion magazines and among the most common on social media.

  • Landscapes

    The urban or natural landscape, nature and artifice are concepts that have shaped some of the debates surrounding the notion of the landscape and have

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