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The Souvenir Effect. Travel fetishes, beyond the clichés


Who hasn’t, at some time, bought a holiday souvenir as a gift for a friend or as an eternal reminder of a memorable trip – a monument in miniature, a T-shirt or a mug. The exhibition Souvenir Effect is devoted to such kitsch objects, those perennial must-haves of any trip, steeped in the territory of nostalgia.

Curated by Òscar Guayabero, this show plunges into the history of the souvenir, having dipped into various museums around the world in search of both the “pastiest” and “coolest” metasouvenir, and commissioned five Spanish design teams to draw souvenirs of imaginary places. Can you help but smile if you see yourself reflected in them? «

Souvenir Effect winds up the programme Tourism. Fiction Spaces, a look at the world of tourism planning, projection and design.


Òscar Guayabero

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