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10 designers, 10 quotations

For some time now we have been sharing the thoughts of graphic designers, architects, illustrators, fashion or product designers on our social networks. These have taken the form of quotations which have garnered a lot of attention and which we share with you here. These, then, are the 10 most popular quotes on our social networks!

Luki Huber

«Either you make something super strange that stands out, or you make things very understandable. And if you're lucky, you can do both at the same time.»

Adolf Loos

«How should one dress?


And how should a modern man dress?

So he does not draw attention to himself.»

Òscar Guayabero

«The designs that really change contexts are those thought of as systems, not as isolated objects.»

Miguel Milá

«Lamps are what most influences an ambience. A lamp spends more time off than on. It must create a special feeling.»

Alexander McQueen

«Fashion should be a form of escapism, not imprisonment».

April Greiman

«Graphic design should seduce, educate and, perhaps most importantly, trigger an emotional response.»

Otto Wagner

«Something that is not practical can not be beautiful».

Rafael Marquina

«My vinegar bottles have no other value than their use. They are designed to solve problems. Nowadays the ABC of design is ignored».

America Sanchez

«Design means thinking, choosing and evaluating, among many other things».

Walter Gropius

«The ultimate goal of all figurative activity is the work. Architects, sculptors and painters, we must return to the craft».

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