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12 fashion images travel to the Museo del Traje (Museum of Costume) in Madrid

In 2018, PhotoESPAÑA is celebrating its 20th birthday as a benchmark photography and visual arts festival. Notable among the exhibitions of this edition is “¡Moda! Diseño español a través de la fotografía”,  (Fashion! Spanish design through photography), which can be seen at the Museo del Traje (Museum of Costume) in Madrid until 23rd September, and for which we have provided 12 images.

Among the photographs from the Museu del Disseny that can be seen in PhotoESPAÑA, there are iconic works by Txema Yeste (There Somewhere, 2011) and José Manuel Ferrater (Luz de neón, 1984) from Barcelona. Also noteworthy are the disturbing images of the Majorcan Biel Capllonch (Formas de inducción al sueño, 2007) and Bèla Adler and Salvador Fresneda.

A curiosity, and especially given how little photographers like being photographed, is the self-portrait by the photographer Joana Biarnés, a pioneer of Spanish photojournalism, also lent by us, in a snapshot of the 60s in which she wears a suit by Miguel Rueda.

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