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5 Unmissable on-line design magazines

If you are interested in design but don’t have time to consult the Museum’s Documentation Centre, we present five digital magazines that will keep you up-to-date for as long as you're connected to the net.

Design Observer. This magazine is focused exclusively on design. Not only is its content regarding the latest trends updated daily, but it also highlights conferences and job offers from all over the world.

If you’re too lazy to read or you are someone who is multitasking and who wants to save time, check out the podcast section and you'll find interviews and articles that will keep you up-to-date with just a pair of headphones.

Work Design Magazine. A publication specialising in the design of offices and work places, from small offices to large buildings, including garages and outdoor spaces, in a manner that is completely different to the traditional way of approaching these spaces

It contains very practical projects, products and specific case studies, all presented in articles and videos that can be applied to other situations.

How. A magazine aimed at learning about design in an immediate, fresh and young way. In the sections you can find in-house podcasts, tutorials and on-line courses on design tools (photography, illustration, etc.), meetings or job vacancies.

In a very practical way, it deals with topics about learning to design, but it also goes much further and gives advice on your future business: gaining customers, selling your portfolio or overcoming moments of creative stagnation.

Designboom. Design is not its exclusive focus as it also combines sections on architecture, art and the latest technology. The clearest example of this is the section devoted exclusively to offices in which the articles address the 4 main themes of the magazine.

If you don’t read English, you can check out the Spanish version, although the content isn’t quite the same and it’s not quite so up to date.

We end the selection back at home, with Diario Design. The Barcelona magazine that shuns technical terms and brings you closer to designers, interior designers and architects.

Notable is the Gente Slowkind section which allows us to see into the lives of design professionals through first-person interviews in which we discover innovations and creative ideas.

And you, what digital design magazines do you usually browse?

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