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The 7 best ideas to come out of day 2 of Creativity and Trends

Did you miss day 2 of Creativity and Trends at the Design Museum of Barcelona or do you just want to remember the phrases you should keep in mind for your creations in future?

Here are the most noteworthy affirmations made by the speakers:

 “It’s not the designer who decides and sets a trend; they reflect what they’ve seen in society”, Vicent Grégoire at the agency Nelly Rodi.

Daniel Córdoba-Mendiola from The Hunter: “Gastronomy is about more than just food. It’s about the food, drink and the atmosphere that surrounds it all.”

The musician David Carabén from Mishima: “I like to think that trends are impulses that present themselves in a different way”.

 “To say that there’s more than one good idea is rubbish because that means you have to discard the rest”, Luís Cerveró from Estudio O.

Inés Sans-Miró, from Casa Bonay: “When you have to decide, in the end you’ll be left with the idea the team believes in”.

Marta Marín, director of the Masters in Fashion Communication at Ramon Llull University: “The future of creativity is based on immersive, bidirectional, sensory and emotive experiences”.

 “When making a transformation, we need to start off with honesty and passion”, Daniel Pérez, strategic communications consultant.

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