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Celebrating Bauhaus with Carles Riart

The presence of designs by Carles Riart at the Museum has grown more than ever before. His uncle, Jordi Riart Ribera, made a donation a few days ago. And we are delighted!

Two serigraphs commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Bauhaus have been added to expand the collection of the Museu del Disseny. The creations form part of the project launched by the American firm Knoll International, which invited its designers to celebrate the anniversary of the Bauhaus with a creative tribute.

Carles Riart had made the Carles Riart Chair for Knoll International in 1982. He and other architects and designers, heirs of the Bauhaus (Marcel Bruer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Eero Saarinen and Harry Bertoia), represented several generations of designers charged with creating innovative products. Even today, Knoll continues to develop designs under the same philosophy.

The two serigraphs by Carles Riart have been framed by bronze castings made by the sculptor Manel Rovira and engraved with the inscription "A HOMAGE TO BAUHAUS" and "INSPIRED OBJECT". In the drawings you can see figures from the Ballet Triàdic (1922) by Oskar Schlemmer, dressed in purely geometric shapes, accompanied by two watercolours from the series Ornaments and Abaloris by Riart himself.

The serigraphs add to the 25 creations that the Museu del Disseny currently holds, and which you can see in the exhibition From the World to the Museum”.

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