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Ceramics on a plate

The Catalonia Craft Centre has organised an activity in parallel to TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food, the exhibition entitled Plats del Dia [Dishes of the Day], where contemporary and signature pieces of crockery will be shown on THE TABLE.

Ceramic works are once more becoming important, with renowned restaurants wanting the plates themselves to be part of the dining experience. To do this, they are not focusing on traditional ceramics but rather are turning to innovation and renovation. Tradition has been adapted to new, versatile and quality models thanks to new ceramists in a fashionable and very demanding sector.

These pieces are part of the increase in the collection held at the Design Museum and are include samples of crockery ordered by chefs such as Albert Adrià, Jordi Cruz and Quique Dacosta.

To take advantage of the exhibition, a round table has been prepared for May 16th where the most noteworthy projects showing the meeting point between ceramics and Food design over the last 5 years will be displayed. The event will be attended by Juli Capella, the curator of the “TAPAS” exhibition; Rosa Cortiella, a ceramist and Pilar Vélez, director of the Design Museum.

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