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Cooking and Design, a match for fashion?

Ferran Adrià and Luki Huber were the two leaders of the second talk between cooks and designers which took place in the Design Museum as an activity coupled with the TAPAS exhibit. Spanish Design for Food.If you weren’t able to attend, here you’ll find the best quotes by the cook on design which were said during the conference: 

  • “Cooking is designing food” 
  • "Design will pave the way. It is the first time we admit it."
  • “When you blend fields, the results are amazing.”
  • "Design can be artisan. As a concept, it was new because it was focused on industrial design."
  • "Reflection means that you have to invest. If we wanted to win with El Bulli, we needed to invest. That is why we hired Luki Huber as a designer."
  • “Eating is the part where it is the most difficult to innovate. The rest, like the dishes, is easy.”
  • "Apart from industrial design, we also worked on the graphic design of the menus and cookbooks."

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