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Creative and sustainable designs

Every year, 22nd April is a notable day in the diary for the world of design: on this date Earth Day is celebrated, whose aim is to promote and raise awareness about environmental problems. For this reason, we wanted to make a collection of three design projects that can improve the sustainability of the planet.

Can we live without plastic?

This is the great question asked by the Design Does exhibition, amongst 14 others. Which is exactly what the Skipping Rocks project is responding to, based on the zero waste philosophy, it fights against one of the great current enemies of the environment: plastic bottles. For this reason, they have created sustainable packaging for water made from algae and which emits zero pollution. Have you tasted it?

3D printers and plastic waste

The other side of the coin: the plastic waste thrown away in the sea. What can we do with it? The Adidas brand and the designer Alexander Taylor have begun find a solution: they have combined plastic waste with 3D printer technology. The result? New sports shoes made using this waste which you can see once again in the Design Does exhibition.

A 100% sustainable house

The world of architecture is also constantly exploring diverse options for materials, methods and techniques to make our homes ever more energy-efficient. The American institute Ecosa has gone further and has designed a totally sustainable house, based on disused sea containers. Will you build one the same?

If you would like to discover more projects and ideas about sustainability, do not miss the videos of the conferences of the «Primera Jornada de Disseny per Viure. Sostenibilitat urbana» (First Design for Living Seminar. Urban Sustainability) that took place at the Museu del Disseny.

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