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Design for Life Conference 2017: discovering designs which break down walls and facilitate learning

In order to learn it is essential to play, to have fun. And the design of educational spaces can encourage a more emotional, motivational and cross-cutting education. Under this premise, on the 26th and 27th October at the Museu del Disseny, professionals from education and design met for the second “Design for Life” Conference.

Over two days, the participants presented their projects and debated the importance of design at the service of education and learning. Under the coordination of the designer Òscar Guayabero, who also served as the master of ceremonies, about 200 attendees were able to discover some fascinating proposals such as those from the El globus vermell collective, the Hack The School project from the Bofill Foundation, and the architect Bet Cantallops, among many others.

The star speaker, Rosan Bosch, did not disappoint. With numerous examples of projects from his studio, the Dutch designer explained his vision of what educational spaces should be: open, happy, exciting, places which invite play and learning. “One of the premises is to turn schools into spaces which students do not want to leave”, he stated.

The Conferences can be followed on Twitter with the hashtags #dissenyeducació and #designforlife.

The conference also had two exceptional chroniclers: the philosopher Joan Burdeus, who was charged with presenting the final conclusions and who wrote a feature for the cultural magazine Núvol; and the illustrator Juan Linares who, with his drawings, summarised the most outstanding "Designs for life". The subsequent edition of the conference, next year, will focus on design and accessibility.

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