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Documents to understand objects

We can say that graphic design, fashion, product design and the visual arts help us to understand the thought and the society of each historical period. But how can we know the context in which a design object was conceptualised and created? In our Documentation Centre we always have the answer: the various archives of designers from the country help us to understand each piece in the museum.

As part of the Museu del Disseny, the Documentation Centre brings together all the documentation that can help you gain a better understanding of the objects that form part of the collections, as well as their context: creators, the companies that produced them or the creative process.

One of the main objectives of the centre is to collect the archives of professionals, institutions and companies, which can provide us with original documentation about the processes of creation, publicity, sale and the use of objects. In this way we can understand, in all its detail, the evolution of the MACBA logo by designer Toni Miserachs, the fashion sketches for the creations of Asunción Bastida, the graphic production of presses such as Litografía F. y R. Bastard or the lighting of the cauldron for the Barcelona ‘92 Olympic Games, by Carles Riart.

Take a look at all these documents by making your reservation at the Documentation Centre. We look forward to seeing you there!



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