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D/O/T: the second life of a very animated typeface

Nobody doubts that the choice of typography is key to graphic design. Which is why it played such an important role in the graphic images of the new exhibition  “Do You Work or Design? The New Visual Communication. 1980-2003”, which opens its doors this weekend at the Museu del Disseny.

Those responsible for the graphic image of the exhibition, David Torrents and Alba Font, invited two typographic design experts (Iñigo Jérez and Andreu Balius), and their work included the typography for the posters and those that appear in the design of the exhibition space.

In addition, Iñigo Jérez has give a second life to Blak, a typographic family which he himself designed between 2001 and 2004 and which plays exaggeratedly and provocatively between typographic and geometric shapes. The new most condensed variant is called "D/O/T" and has become a "variable font" that facilitates movement and animation.

Two experts in typographic design

Iñigo Jerez is a founding member and creative director of the design studio Extra Estudio. He is also a teacher at the Elisava school, where he co-directed a master's degree in typographic creation.

Andreu Balius, from the Typerepublic studio, also teaches at Elisava and the Masters in Digital Arts at Pompeu Fabra University.

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