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The first cinema fashion festival in Barcelona

The Museu del Disseny will be both the witness and the setting for the awards ceremony of the first cinema fashion festival in Barcelona: the Movistar Barcelona Fashion Film Festival (BFFF). It will be held on 5th October at sunset and will feature prominent names from the world of fashion, cinema and culture.

What is a fashion film?

It is an alternative to traditional commercials, somewhere between film, video art and advertising. A tale with storytelling components in order to empathise with and move the audience. FFFriends and FFFresh are two promotional shorts from the Festival that represent the aesthetics and the way of making fashion films.

Why is it taking place in Barcelona?

The actress and Festival juror Cristina Borondo explains to us in an interview, that “it is incredible that no Festival of this genre has existed before in Barcelona, since the city has always supported new trends in fashion”. Added to this reasoning we would note the emergence of fashion shows such as the 080 Barcelona, as well as the designers based in the city.

What prizes will be awarded?

Over 150 nominations from all over the world have been presented at the BFFF in eight categories: best photography, best emerging photography, best idea or script, best emerging idea or script, best fashion or collection, best emerging fashion or collection and the best Fashion Film and its emerging equivalent.

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