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The future of design

This year, the 3rd Conference on Creativity and Trends has been a great success. But above all, it has led many designers to rethink many aspects of the future of design in all its fields: craftsmanship, creativity in advertising, the use of new materials or reused materials, the social role of design and new colour trends. If it’s left you wanting more, you can check out the three videos summarising the ideas and trends from the future of design.

Creativity and Trends in two minutes

Speakers, trends, workshops, talks, trend book and proposals for the future. In this video you will find a summary of all that the conference showed us.

The vision of Jonathan Openshaw

Under the title «Rethinking tactile craftsmanship in the post-digital age», Openshaw raised the idea of the link between craft and new technologies. You can watch his entire presentation once again.

The future of design

During the Conference, we had the opportunity to interview the two outstanding speakers: Kim Mannino and Jonathan Openshaw. They have given us their vision of five transcendental questions for the future of design, around fashion creation, future materials, artisanal techniques, the link between designers and artists, and creativity in the advertising world.

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