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"Lifting the lid" on gastronomy and design

After ten weeks, sampling “TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food”, the exhibition comes to a close on Sunday 21st May. What better way to bid farewell to this exhibition than with the comments left for us by the designers and chefs in the activity Diàlegs?

Javier Bonet, chef and owner of several restaurants in Madrid and Mallorca

"Many times I find I'm more interested in the image of the product and transmitting something through it than the taste in itself"

Martí Guixé, designer and expert in food design

"As a designer I am interested in food that is designed, that is economical and functional. In 2037, food will no longer be the object, but rather the subject"

Ferran Adrià, director of elBulli Foundation

"At the Restaurant elBulli we created, for the first time, a design workshop, which then complemented the kitchen. Currently we are working out this type of design with ELISAVA".

Luki Huber, industrial designer and collaborator with elBulli

"A spoon, a knife or a fork would not form part of the design of the product, but rather food transport. Initially we worked at elBulli without moulds, which meant handcrafted design"

Jordi Roca, chef at the Restaurant el Celler de Can Roca

"It is precisely this ongoing dispute between design and cuisine that forces me every day to improve more and to make everything even more delicious"

Andreu Carulla, industrial designer and collaborator with el Celler de Can Roca

"At Celler de Can Roca I was lucky enough to work without any restrictions, with a total artistic freedom that pushes one to create and always go one step further"

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