Barcelona Cultura

In memory of Anna Calvera

The museum team and a host of people close to her, wanted to remember the designer Anna Calvera, who left us last February, with an act of homage which took place on 20th March. And we wanted to do so through her collaboration with the Museum and her principal bibliographical contributions, especially with the exhibition «Graphic design: from trade to profession (1940-1980)» in which the designer played a key role.

Calvera was a historian, essayist and graphic designer. Always endowed with a great capacity for analysis, she was able to understand the requirements and deficiencies that had to be corrected in order to make design a «normalised» subject in our country, both from the conceptual viewpoint and from that of the professional, bibliographic and educational. And, of course, to address them and make her own contributions: promoting projects, creating associations, organising international conferences, amongst many others, shared by a large number of professionals, colleagues and friends. With extensive knowledge of the international scene, at the same time she also worked at the local level, making the leap from the particular to the universal and vice versa.

The designer was one of the curators of the exhibition «Graphic design: from trade to profession (1940-1980)», which opened to the public on 13th December, 2014. This wasn’t just an exhibition, but also served to expand the collections: she suggested a series of artists and works and together with her, we sought them out, both in Barcelona and in Madrid.

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