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The "secrets" of "The advertising boom"

On 13th December, the new temporary exhibition "The Advertising Boom. Tin, cardboard and tile posters. 1890-1950" opened at the Museu del Disseny which looks at graphic commercial advertising, from the end of the nineteenth century to the middle of the 20th century, particularly aimed at publicising everyday products.

The exhibition, which can be seen until 31st March, 2019, presents more than 250 pieces on media such as tin, cardboard and ceramic tiles, the vast majority of which come from the Mateu Llinàs i Audet Collection.

At the presentation day, we were able to talk with Mateu Llinàs, a communication professional and entrepreneur, who explained the origin of his collection in more detail, a collection which consists of more than 1200 pieces (see the video attached to this article).

In addition, on the same day we also spoke with the curator of the exhibition, and the director of the Museu del Disseny, Pilar Vélez, who offered us the key reasons why this exhibition should not be missed (see the second video attached this article).


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