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A summer of Olympic design and celebrations

Throughout July and up until 9th August, we have been creating a very special pin-board amongst users of all social networks: a collection of design examples from 1992. Using the hashtag #Barcelona92disseny you have shared images of objects, buildings and graphic creations that reminded us that the year 1992 was a watershed for design in our country.

Homage to the Olympic image

Some of you have paid tribute to the Olympic spirit and its logo, as in the case of the colleagues at Magmawall and David Beltrà, the commemorative postage stamps or the homage of the Mercè 2017 poster created by Mariscal.

Merchandising, a design for everyone

Not surprisingly, many have been reminded of the design of all those of merchandising and packaging items that flooded both the city and the country: caps, key rings, t-shirts, pins, badges, or posters.

The urban and architectural transformation

The Olympic Village was the model for an urban development that transformed the city, but there were also several other spaces, such as the Parc de l’Espanya Industrial, the Olympic weightlifting venue. This transformation was accompanied by new buildings and architectural designs, such as the Palau Sant Jordi by Arata Isozaki or the  Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium itself.

Furniture and interior design

Finally, urban furniture and interior furniture, of which the Toledo armchair, the M.O.R.Sillon sofa or the Garriri chair have been some of the examples.

With the #Barcleona92disseny initiative, we wanted to reawaken interest in the design of creators such as André Ricard, Toni Miserachs, America Sanchez, Josep M. Trias, Javier Mariscal, Arata Isozaki and so many other designers. They can still be seen in the exhibition rooms of the Museum!

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