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Tapas menu on Youtube

If tapas is the side dish par excellence, then are these youtube clips the audiovisual equivalent? We´re not sure, but Spanish Cultural Action (ACE), the organiser of the exhibition TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food, has published a playlist on its channel so you can enjoy the sights on display.

What do you do with breadcrumbs? Which wineries have the most modern designs? How do you make a pitcher? If you’d like the answer to these questions, all you have to do is play the clips prepared by Spanish Cultural Action in parallel to the exhibition. There are 17 clips with an average length of 3 minutes.

There is more here than just practical videos. There are also interesting clips. For example, in Multisensory Crockery, we see how lighting is used not only to show the food on the table, but we also see that light plays with the presence of the food to give it a mysterious and almost ethereal aspect. It helps us play with feelings with the sense of taste being added to the sense of sight.

The presentation of desserts is one of the other subjects addressed. The cart of life is presented in Roca on Wheels as being full of surprises: colours, music, charm... The Roca Brothers have given a new focus to a lifelong object and modernised it to make it their own. This whole exhibit is about re-designing.

We won’t say too much more. Come and find out more on Youtube. What are you waiting for?



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