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"We love working with food design in order to delight the eyes with a well-designed presentation and satisfying all the senses"

Sandra and Salvador represent the second generation of pastry chefs from the Sauleda family, who, after 50 years of activity and expansion, came to the Museu del Disseny in 2015, leaving visitors with a wonderful taste in their mouths. In their daily lives they are constantly experimenting with food design and the infinite and creative possibilities from the world of packaging.

You have five pastry shops throughout Catalonia. What is it that identifies you?

Quality, tradition, craftsmanship, local and seasonal produce, all these are really important to us, always with the aim that our clients enjoy our products.

After half a century working in the world of sweets (and savouries) what generational change have you experienced in terms of how to work with food design?

The evolution is fundamental, with the new proposals as well as the new methods of production experimenting with new technologies. We love working with food design in order to delight the eyes with a well-designed presentation and satisfying all the senses.

The packaging is also one of your strengths, as we have seen with "Panettone. Panettwo. Panetthree ". What do you think the packaging brings to those who visit you in the museum cafeteria?

Personally, it’s about fun, charm, joy: we all know that we taste food first by sight! For us, being in the Cafeteria of the Museu de Disseny is both a challenge and a luxury, and the public who visit us are very appreciative of the products we offer.

At the Museu del Disseny, you link your work to exhibitions such as “Tapas. Spanish Design for Food” using that great ally: the palate. What proposals do you have in mind for the near future?

Yes, it is great fun being able to work together with the exhibitions. This always makes us very careful and hands-on with our proposals, in order to be able to design different main dishes, appetisers or desserts that give us everything we want to convey at all times.

And finally, one can’t miss a good Christmas menu. Are there any surprises that you have prepared for us?

We’ve worked hard to surprise our customers: from a surprising cheese cake torró (Catalan nougat), a traditional carquinyoli (Catalan biscotti) transformed into torró, a tatin of tomatoes with textures of cod that makes the angels sing! We have many other things in the Christmas catalogue, with dishes that have a balanced design, looking for different textures and colours.

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