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Who is Ricardo Rousselot?

The series, centred around the exhibition “Design or work?  The new visual communication. 1980-2003”, ends this afternoon at 7pm with the conference “Calligraphy in design”.

The star of this event is Ricardo Rousselot, who will be introduced by Raquel Pelta, the exhibition's curator. The Argentine designer and calligrapher will look back at his career and will also offer a live calligraphy demonstration. Whether you can go to this last conference or not, we offer you a brief summary of his career in order to encourage you to learn more about this designer.

Born in El Chaco (Argentina) in 1936, and settled in Barcelona since 1967, Ricardo Rousselot is an internationally renowned calligrapher.

In 1978, and after gaining experience in the field of advertising, both in Spain and Argentina, Rousselot started up his own design agency, "Rousselot Designers" – where he worked for major Catalan and Spanish industrial brands: Tabacanarias, Tabacos de Filipinas, Domecq, Larios, Grupo Miquel y Costas, Dana Perfumerías, Elida Gibbs, Puig and Myrurgia, La Casera, Kass.

He is also the creator of the visual identity for such well-known brands as El Corte Inglés, La Casera, Smoking, Alfaguara, Borges, Casa Tarradellas, Farias, Ducados, Panrico, Spanair, and the designer of the masthead for the newspaper La Vanguardia, among others.

In 2000, as a result of specialising in corporate image, he re-established his agency which became known as "Grupo Erre Rousselot".


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