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‘Tapas. Spanish Design for Food’ presentation and opening 8 March

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TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food is an exhibition that explores the ways in which design and cuisine, two of the most solid and internationally prestigious Spanish fields of activity, are creatively interrelated. Produced by Spanish Cultural Action (AC/E) and curated by the architect Juli Capella, TAPAS now opens at the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona (Barcelona Design Museum), where the exhibition ends its journey after travelling to sixteen cities around the world. On this occasion, the show will be open from 9 March to 21 May 2017, and admission will be free.

At the Museu del Disseny, the experience will be complemented by a large programme of parallel activities which includes a season of dialogues between well-known chefs and designers, featuring such creative tandems as Ferran Adrià and Luki Huber, Jordi Roca and Andreu Carulla and Javier Bonet and Martí Guixé; eco-design and social design workshops; creative workshops and routes for families; lectures; and professional meetings. These activities are organised by the museum itself, and complement the initiatives launched by Promotion of the Arts and Design (Fomento de las Artes y del Diseño, FAD) and Barcelona Design Centre (BCD).

TAPAS seeks to demonstrate that an interrelation has always existed between design and food. To illustrate how the design industry has always diligently sought solutions to the problems that have arisen in the world of food and drink from both functional and creative and aesthetic points of view. And, particularly, how, throughout its history, Spanish culture has generated ingenious inventions and solutions in this field, one in which our country has always enjoyed great eminence. In terms of both raw materials and preparation and theory and applied design, Spanish culinary culture has crossed borders to compete in the world’s first division. Designers, chefs, companies and institutions work day after day to build this culture, one that without doubt comprises intangible heritage of the highest value.

Three sections: The Kitchen, The Table and Food

TAPAS is a like a varied tasting menu, a cross-cutting examination that embraces a variety of fields with a view to illustrating the interaction between design and food. To this end, the organisers have brought together more than 250 pieces, accompanied by videos and photographs, which link the world of material food and drink culture to history and architecture as well as to interior, industrial and graphic design. The exhibition illustrates this link three themed sections:

The Kitchen: food preparation and its equipment; the laboratory, both in the home and in the restaurant.

The Table: the world of objects designed to present food and for use in the social ritual of food tasting.

Food: the design of food itself, from the most traditional to the most modern innovations in cuisine.

In a series of display cases, the exhibition presents the selected objects to highlight their varied range of styles and origins. Each piece is documented, the selection criteria explained.

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