Fotografia: Eduard Selva

Seated Women

The Museu’s smallest guitar, the guitarró, is part of the new exhibition at the Monastery of Pedralbes. Les dones també seuen: mobles i espais femenins dels segles XVI i XVII (Seated Women: 16th and 17th-century female spaces and furniture) presents a journey through the daily lives of women in the modern age, based on furniture, works of art, jewellery and other everyday objects from the Monastery’s own collection and from other collections. The exhibition is open to visitors until 18 February 2018 at the Royal Monastery of Pedralbes.

As a parallel activity, the Museu de la Música is taking part in the programme Nexes: objectes d’altres museus en relació (Links: connections between objects from other museums) together with other municipal museums that have loaned objects for the exhibition. Using the objects from each collection—musical instruments, in our case—we offer new interpretations about the history of women in the modern age from a musical perspective.

There will be a free guided tour on Wednesday, 29 November at 4 pm.