International Activity

The Art Nouveau European Route

The Art Nouveau European Route is a permanent non-profit association of more than 70 cities and 60 institutions united by a common commitment to develop useful, efficient mechanisms for the protection and international promotion of the Art Nouveau heritage.

Founded in 2000 and led since then by Barcelona City Council, the Route also fosters communication and exchanges between its members, to share their experiences of restoring monuments, running public awareness programmes and strategies for funding and developing sustainable tourism.

Among other things it publishes coupDefouet, an international magazine specialising in Art Nouveau heritage edited by the Urban Landscape Institute, with generous contributions from the cities and bodies that make up the association. The magazine is published in Catalan and English and has a notable influence on the world of art and architecture in Europe. It is regarded as an indisputable reference work on Art Nouveau.

The Route has also published an Art Nouveau European Route catalogue and has an internet portal with a photographic gallery of the Art Nouveau heritage of its member cities and institutions, as well as a diary of important events. Visitors to the Route's website can download the magazine coupDefouet.

Réseau Art Nouveau Network

In 1999 a number of institutions from several European cities with an important Art Nouveau heritage ? from Helsinki to Barcelona and Glasgow to Budapest ? decided to join forces to form a European cooperation network, in response to an initiative from the Brussels Region Department of Historical Sites and Monuments.

The Réseau Art Nouveau Network is currently made up of 16 cities and 6 institutions promoting academic and educational activities to publicise and study Art Nouveau, with the support of the EU's Culture Programme.

The network is noted for its enterprise and commitment, as well as its rigourous scientific approach. It keeps professionals informed and raises public awareness of the cultural importance and European dimension of the heritage we have so close at hand.

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International Association of Cities and Entities of the Enlightenment

Barcelona is a member of the International Association of Cities and Entities of the Enlightenment (AIECI) a network that works to publicise and promote 18th-century heritage.

The Enlightenment represented a chiaroscuro period for Catalonia and Barcelona. The first decades were marked above all by the military occupation and repression that followed Catalonia's defeat in the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-14). However, that period was followed by one of notable economic growth, which made the industrial revolution of the 19th century possible and left a valuable civil architectural heritage in addition to the military buildings of the earlier period.

From the spirit of the Enlightenment, Barcelona has inherited its confidence in reason and knowledge, tolerance and optimism. Good proof of this can be seen in the fact the city has became an international benchmark in the fieldAssociació Internacional de Ciutats i Entitats de la Il·lustraciós of culture, science and economics.

This international association's more notable projects include creating a cultural route that connects member cities and bodies through exhibitions, meetings on science, academic and tourist events, as well as signposting 18th-century monuments.

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