Commercial Establishments

The campaign for urban landscape protection and improvement offers a programme of grants aimed specifically at people who own commercial premises, and premises offering professional activities and services.

The surface area of commercial establishments where such work is to be carried out must not exceed 500 m2. Public establishments such as bars, restaurants and so on, must have fewer than 50 places.

Anyone running a business not newly established in the commercial premises with the features described may apply for help with all subsidisable work.

Anyone running a business newly established in the commercial premises with the features described may only apply for help with removing architectural barriers or putting up signs in Catalan.

Adequacy of the exterior image and commercial labeling of existing commercial establishments, and installation of external labeling in Catalan in new or existing premises.

This aims to improve accessibility in commercial establishment that are under no obligation to comply with the regulations in this matter. It includes installing ramps or platforms, levelling and other systems for improving accessibility inside commercial establishments (toilets, fitting rooms, doors, etc.).

This means relocating air-conditioning equipment, as well as installations, pipes, cables and other technical features, to avoid causing any nuisance to third parties and any visual pollution that interferes with the architectural composition of the building's façades.

Improving health and hygiene conditions in public commercial establishments. This means work carried out by bars, restaurants and similar establishment to adapt the toilets and/or kitchens on their premises.

This includes actions aimed at soundproofing the focus or origin of the noise and/or the vibrations caused by the operation of air-conditioning equipment, extractors, ventilators, cold-storage rooms, compressors, pumps, cooling towers and other mechanical devices required for authorised activities.