Other Publications

This book is an invitation to get to know the rooftops of Barcelona, those flat roofs so typical of the Mediterranean, which together make a very special urban expanse: open but at the same time intimate.
All of which make a good subject for literature, art and music: and entire world waiting to be discovered.(Large-format book).

Catalogue of the exhibition for which the Scottish photographer Michael Thomas Jones took topical, surprising and original photographs at the sites of our city's most famous Modernista architecture. Details and contrasts prevail.

Through the surviving 18th-century urban landscape we can discover what Barcelona was like during the Age of Enlightenment, a city able to re-invent itself after the destruction and repression of 1714, to rebuild and project itself energetically in the European context of the day. (Large-format book).

This book invites us to look at balconies from the street, to raise our heads when taking a stroll as, with a little effort, we will discover a different face to the city, learn about the history and what is unique about an architectural feature that is part of the intimate fabric of the city. (Large-format book).

This book draws together over a hundred Barcelona shops enjoying the honour of being Guapos per sempre (Forever Beautiful). The City Council awards this distinction to more traditional establishments that have worked to maintain their original appearance and keep the business going. (Large-format book).

A Gallery of Creators is a small encyclopaedia on the leading figures in Barcelona's Modernista movement. Architects, painters, sculptors, writers, cabinetmakers, graphic designers, as well as promoters, sponsors, financiers, etc.

This book offers a fascinating journey of discovery on European Art Nouveau and Catalan Modernisme, a movement that shone with brilliance a century ago and which today constitutes an invaluable heritage for humanity as a whole. (Large-format book).

A catalogue of party-wall plans explained by those responsible for them. Coordinated by the IMPU and ELISAVA.

Rafael Vallbona's book offers us a historical, literary, human and existential look at the development of Barcelona's coastline. (Large-format book)