Joint Commission

The Institute of Urban Landscape (IMPUQV) acts as the Secretariat of the Joint Committee for the Protection of Urban Landscape, approved by the Mayoral Decree of 25 April 2016.

The Joint Committee is an advisory body attached to the IMPUQV. It involves social and professional sectors and is intended to issue the necessary reports for construing the Byelaw on Urban-Landscape Use whenever queries over its implementation are raised, as in the cases of new arrangements for urban furniture and other municipal facilities or licences and permits for advertising and identification on party walls and building tops and roofs or provisional facilities occupying space on public roads.

One of the Joint Committee on Urban Landscape's duties is to see to the proper management of urban landscapes and ensure that they are sustainably developed and maintained.

More specifically, the Joint Committee promotes and provides information on invitations to tender for sponsorship contracts by handing over advertising space from the public domain.