Powers, duties and lines of action

The Institute is governed by administrative law and has the following powers and duties:

a) Protecting, maintaining and improving landscape values that shape Barcelona's image, and ensuring the orderly and rational use of the urban landscape, as a decisive tool for conserving the environment.

b) Promoting civil society and private sector participation both in the maintenance and direct recovery of the landscape and the promotion of its values.

c) Coordinating all types of actions that are involved in the preservation and improvement of the urban landscape and quality of life, and proposing regulations aimed at the protection and improvement of the urban landscape, as well as the regulation of its use.

d) Implementing the Barcelona Municipal Urban Landscape Byelaw and managing how advertisements are used on public roads as well as anything else relating to municipal concessions in this area.

e) Promoting Barcelona and its urban development model as a benchmark for all the world's cities.

f) Exercising the powers and duties of the Joint Urban Landscape Commission Secretariat.

g) Managing the procedures for all financial help towards the restoration and improvement of the city's building stock.

Lines of action:

Encouraging private urban landscape conservation and improvement activities where city residents, associations and the private sector play the key role.

· Channelling public resources: grant campaign.

· Channelling private resources: landscape sponsorship and compensation. Directing private actions on urban landscape to ensure they contribute towards creating a harmonious environment and a good quality of life:

· The Byelaw on Urban Landscape Uses and Management.

· Landscape codes (colours, commercial and urban identifiers).

Special actions to promote Barcelona's urban landscape: Landscape routes and publications.

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