Improving commercial establishments

Commercial premises are an inevitable part of Barcelona's landscape. The appearance and quality of local shops have a direct bearing on residents' perceptions of their neighbourhood. A tidy appearance and accessible shops improve their quality of life.

The actions promoted by the Institute in this area focus on removing elements that have been superimposed on the ground floors of buildings, such as signs, glass canopies, floodlights and awnings. The Institute encourages the installation of trade signs and other authorised elements on parts of the façade that are free of architectural features.

Alterations to shop and other fronts at street-level are aimed at restoring the original harmony of the building as a whole.

The Urban Landscape Institute offers technical advice and financial help for actions aimed at:

- renovating building fronts

- improving accessibility

- adapting signs to current legislation

- cleaning and maintaining shutters and shop windows

- soundproofing commercial activities

- improving health and hygiene conditions

Collective agreements:

Faced with distortions to the urban landscape, the Institute gives priority to negotiation and promoting plans to regularise the trade signs of single businesses and those with branches throughout the city (chemists, OpenCor, Correus, Renault, General Òptica, Bankinter, etc.) as well as the various establishments in a specific area (Horta and Trinitat Vella).

The collaboration agreements signed with various groups include financial help for adapting to the byelaw and in that way tidying up the city's image.