Governing bodies

The Governing Board is responsible for the Institute's governance and senior management. It is made up of a maximum of 15 members, appointed by the Mayor, half of whom must be City Councillors, representing the various municipal political groups.

Board member appointments must be ratified by the Full City Council. The Board has to meet at least twice a year. The Chair and Vice-Chairs.

The Chair is responsible for managing the Institute's governance and administration. The Vice-Chairs stand in for the Chair and assume the Chair's powers and duties when the former is absent or ill, or the post is vacant. They also exercise the authority delegated to them by the Chair.

The Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Board are nominated by the Mayor from among the Board's members, the nomination being limited to Board members who are City Councillors.

The Manager is in charge of implementing and complying with the Governing Board's agreements and the Chair's decisions, as well as representing the Institute administratively when the Chair does not do so.

Name Position
Janet Sanz Cid Chair
Josep M. Montaner i Martorell Vice-Chair
Daniel Mòdol i Deltell Member
Raimond Blasi Navarro  
Koldo Blanco i Uzquiano Member
Jordi Coronas i Martorell Member
Pere Casas Zarzuela Member
Alberto Villagrasa Gil Member
Frederic Ximeno i Roca Member
Jordi Campillo Gàmez Member
Francisco Javier Burón Cuadrado Member
Aurora López Corduente Member
Roger Clot Duñach Member
Antonio Font Ferrer Member