Small landscapes

Barcelona's little corners, architectural details and unique features give it character. These are the small landscapes discovered, reclaimed and maintained by the Urban Landscape Institute, to preserve their public memory.

The Institute has allocated part of the private funding from landscape compensation, combined with other large-scale projects, for the restoration of numerous details of interest.

These include advertising posters such as the Callicida Gras poster or the two murals dedicated to the magician and shoe-polisher Fructuós Canonge.

Others include clocks that had stopped working, such as the Syphon Clock and the Lights Clock. Some recoveries have been festive, such as Mariscal's La Gamba sculpture, and others large scale, such as the La Pomera party wall in Sant Andreu or the four water towers at the Mina Travi complex.

petit paisatge Els Quinze
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