Who we are and what we do

The Municipal Institute of Urban Landscape and Quality of Life (IMPUQV) is a local autonomous body established with the unanimous approval of the Full Barcelona City Council meeting of 27 June 1997.

Its origins, however, go back to 1986, the year when the City Council launched a campaign under the slogan Barcelona, posa't guapa (Barcelona, Make Yourself Beautiful) encouraging city residents to restore their buildings. The initiative gradually turned into a very wide-ranging project to transform and make this a better city, creating an entire sector of municipal activities associated with the new concepts of "urban landscape" and "quality of life".

In creating the Institute, the City Council was putting the finishing touches to the structuring process for this new sector of activities, opting for the most suitable organisational model for adapting urban landscape management.

The Governing Board is responsible for the Institute's governance and senior management. It is made up of a maximum of 15 members, appointed by the Mayor, half of whom must be City Councillors, representing the various municipal political groups.

The Joint Commission for Urban Landscape Protection oversees the correct implementation of the landscape use regulations, with particular regard to advertising activities.

The Housing Consortium is made up by Barcelona City Council and the Catalan Government, the Generalitat. It works to improve housing-related services in the city.

The Institute has played an active role on the Landscape Observatory Advisory Board, Noise Board and Public Space Commission.