Urban landscape uses

The urban landscape is a part of the urban environment which requires protection, to ensure every city resident enjoys an adequate quality of life. The urban landscape is, therefore, of common interest and, given the local scope of this interest, legislation has made local councils responsible for it.

The Byelaw on Urban Landscape Use governs activities and features that may have an impact on the city's landscape, to ensure it is used respectfully and sensibly, and prevent improper use or unjustifiable omissions from spoiling it.

Urban landscape use management takes place on two levels. On the one hand, it ensures all new uses comply with the byelaw's provisions. On the other, it renews existing uses, through a combination of technical help and grants, plus inspection and supervision.

The application of these regulations allows Barcelona's residents and visitors to enjoy a common space that is more harmonious and friendly, thus promoting a better quality of life in the city.

The following people are jointly and severally responsible for ensuring compliance with the byelaw: the installation company, the sponsor or beneficiary of the use, the owner of the building or housing and the technical manager of the installation.

They are all required to know and comply with the regulations set out in the byelaw.