Ciutadanes. Ruta de les Dones de Barcelona, l'Hospitalet i Sant Adrià

The real situation women have faced in Barcelona, Hospitalet and Sant Adrià over the last two thousand years, which has been hushed up. From cruelly exploited workers to powerful women who were feared, the true central characters in the history of women and humanity are presented here. Artisans, scientists, artists, doctors, middle-class women and revolutionaries who have all left their mark on our cities. Without them, our society would not be what it is.

Text: Isabel-Clara Simó

Photographs: Carlos Iglesias, archives and others

Price: 15 €

Available in the following languages: Catalan

Published by: Institut del Paisatge Urbà

Year of publication: 2006

Size: 15 x 21 cm

Pages: 256

Binding: Paperback with flaps

Catalan 978-84-96696-09-9

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